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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the popular questions about plastic surgery and medical aesthetics here.


Aesthetic surgery is shape correction surgery. In other words, it is the change of the shape of the tissues and organs whose shape and / or dimensions are distorted in line with the patient's taste and ideal anatomical measurements. Example: such as enlarging small breasts with a silicone prosthesis. Reconstructive surgery is repair surgery. It is the reconstruction of organs that are congenitally missing or defective, or that have been destroyed or deformed as a result of accident, burns, tumor surgery. Example: reconstruction of the breast taken as a result of cancer


Many aesthetic surgeries are not painful as they only concern the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Even if there is mild pain, it passes in 1-2 days and can be easily controlled with pain medication during this period. In surgeries involving muscles, such as breast prosthesis surgery, pain and tension may take a little longer.


There is a common belief that aesthetic surgery is an operation that leaves no scars. For aesthetic surgery, appropriate surgical material and special suture materials are used, even if only a little, a scar remains. However, in plastic surgery, these scars are hidden somewhere. For example, inside the nostrils in rhinoplasty surgery, inside the eyelid in eyelid aesthetic surgeries, behind the ear in ear operations. In tummy tuck operations, the scar is slightly longer than the cesarean scar and remains hidden in the bikini area. Liposuction does not leave any traces. In some surgeries, it is not possible to hide all the scars. For example, as in breast reduction surgeries.


You can get pregnant and give birth, provided that you wait at least 1 year.


With the studies carried out, prostheses have been exposed to high and low pressures that a person cannot survive and no problems have been observed.

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Op. Dr. M. Eren Şimşek

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